Dogma XC

The new Dogma XC features a split rear triangle, flex-stay suspension and adjustable travel.

The frame design reduces the number of pivot points needed, allowing for greater stiffness while reducing weight and improving rear-wheel traction.

Back of the frame uses two distinct 'semi-triangles', which attach to a main rotation point moulded into the carbon frame, removing the bridges from the seatstays and chainstays.

Removing the conventional bridging section has enabled it to reduce chainstay lengths and limit mud accumulation in the area, while maintaining clearance for 2.35in mountain bike tyres.

The Dogma XC still features Pinarello’s signature asymmetrical design, which reinforces the left-hand side of the rear triangle to counterbalance the higher forces applied to the driveside to balance energy transfer.

Dogma XC has a top-tube mounted rear shock with an adjustable shock mount.  This design allows the Dogma XC to be set up with different suspension travel for differing courses. The bike can be set up with a 100mm suspension fork and 90mm shock, or a 120mm fork and 100mm shock combo.

Dogma comes with MOST fully integrated flat-bar mountain bike handlebar.  The handlebar features integrated cable routing and a stopper to prevent the bar from twisting in a crash and cables being ripped from the levers.