Wahoo Speedplay Zero pedals

Built to take on anything, the SPEEDPLAY ZERO road pedal is uniquely qualified to withstand the demands of everything from all-out racing to the epic grind of a double-century. The stainless steel dual-sided bike pedal and integrated cleat system offer peak power transfer and exceptional durability. The customized fit and dual-sided entry will allow you to crank on the pedals in confidence and comfort.


  • Dual-Sided Entry
  • Enhanced Walkability
  • Integrated Profile
  • Unbeatable Stack Height
  • 3-Axis Cleat Adjustability
  • Optimized Biomechanics
  • Rotational Free Float
  • Superior Cornering Clearance
  • Standard Tension Cleat Included
  • Easy Tension Cleat Compatible

Delivery: 3-4 days
Lisa ostukorvi